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About Saggy Skin

saggy skin

Sagging skin is an unavoidable result of ageing. As we age, our skin loses its collagen and elastin, resulting in volume loss on our faces and bodies. Because of these factors, our new, looser skin begins to droop and sag.

Various other factors can change the rate of skin sagging we experience. Things such as smoking, sun damage and rapid weight loss can accelerate the sagging process. A healthy diet, good skin care routine and use of quality skin care products can slow the sagging process. It’s never too late to have touch ups done or changes made to your lifestyle though.

Treatments for Saggy Skin

At Body Dezign House we create a journey treatment plan to address saggy skin on the face and body. More specifically we can target regions such as eyelids, forehead, lips, breasts and buttocks.   

Microneedling RF (Vivace)

Thread Lift


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