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About Facial Volume Loss

facial volume loss

As we age, our skin loses its collagen and elastin, resulting in volume loss on our faces and bodies. Because of these factors, our new, looser skin begins to droop and sag. Sometimes this is referred to as saggy skin or loss of contours meaning it makes the shape of our faces look different to what otherwise might be.

By increasing facial volume, we are able to give increased cheekbone and jawline definition along with fuller lips. Facial volume can also be increased by tightening the skin and restoring moisture and plumpness to the desired areas. This gives us the desired definition, contouring and volume many of us desire as we age.

Treatments for Facial Volume Loss

At Body Dezign House, we can offer you various strategies and treatment options to replace lost volume and create more defined cheekbones and jawlines.

Microneedling RF (Vivace)

Dermal Fillers

Biostimulating Fillers