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One Big Confidence Boost: Embracing AviClear™ for Acne Treatment

Acne can have a lasting impact on a person’s self-confidence. It can influence their willingness to participate in social activities, form new friendships or achieve their professional goals.

The fear of judgement or rejection can lead to social withdrawal, anxiety and low self-esteem. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

AviClear™ eliminates acne at the source without the need for prescription medications. Find out more as we take a closer look at this exciting new Brisbane acne treatment.

An Acne Treatment in Brisbane for Everyone

Hailed as the most exciting acne treatment innovation in 40 Years. AviClear™ is safe and effective for all skin types and tones. It uses laser light to target and suppress specific sebaceous glands.

AviClear™ can tackle and treat mild, moderate and severe facial acne in teenagers and adults alike. It is ideal for those who experience cystic, inflammatory or hormonal acne and who want to stop it from developing and spreading.

Suitable for All Skin Tones

AviClear™ is different from other laser treatments because it is effective on all skin tones, no matter how severe the breakout. Some laser acne treatments target melanin and are unable to tackle darker skin tones. Because AviClear™ targets sebaceous glands, it’s a safe treatment for everyone.

Clinical trials show that after the appropriate course of AviClear™ Acne treatments, future acne breakouts are less severe, less frequent and of shorter duration.

How AviClear™ Works

AviClear™ acne therapy involves multiple sessions for effective and long-lasting results. There are typically three thirty-minute treatments at three to four-week intervals. Once you’ve completed the treatment, you’ll see a significant improvement in how your skin looks. Better still, you should see the enhancement continue long afterwards.

During treatments, AviClear™ uses advanced technology. This includes exclusive AviCool™ sapphire skin cooling and smart sensors for maximum comfort and safety.

This Brisbane acne treatment involves almost no downtime. That means you can get on with your day straight after each session. However, you should avoid long periods in bright sunshine and wear plenty of sunscreen protection.

A Safer Treatment Option

Some people may experience a little redness or swelling, but this will subside soon after each treatment session. Although you won’t have to significantly alter your skin-care routine, you should avoid products such as Vaseline that form a protective film and trap moisture against the skin.

AviClear™ is an excellent option for those who have already tried Vitamin A tablets or prescription antibiotics to treat acne. AviClear™ acne treatment is a less invasive treatment for more persistent symptoms.

Key Benefits of AviClear™ Brisbane Acne Treatment

AviClear™ is safe and effective and has been subject to rigorous clinical trials. According to studies, some patients experience flawless skin for up to two years after the recommended course of treatment. And there are all these other benefits, too:

● Suitable for all skin types and skin tones in adolescents and adults
● Three thirty-minute treatment sessions with virtually no downtime
● Advanced technology for maximum comfort during each acne treatment
● No serious side effects and no invasive aftercare
● Prevents new breakouts

Body Dezign House for Acne Treatment in Brisbane

Our cosmetic clinics are among the first to offer AviClear™ acne treatment in Brisbane. You’ll find us at our two prime locations in stylish Newstead and on the water’s edge in Cleveland. Our luxurious Newstead Cosmetic Clinic offers a range of treatments for both acne and acne scar.

Check out all the services we offer here. Make Body Dezign House Newstead or Body Dezign House Cleveland your first port of call for the most effective Brisbane acne treatment available.

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