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Fat Cavitation

fat cavitation

Fat Cavitation is a cutting edge, fat removal innovation

Fat Cavitation using Ultrasound is a relatively new treatment. Using leading edge technology, it converts fat cells into liquid, allowing the body’s natural filtration system to remove these unwanted substances through the urinary and lymphatic systems.

This technology is excellent for those looking to reshape their bodies, lose a few centimeters or remove stubborn fat pockets. The most problematic body areas that respond well to treatment include the abdomen, love handles, thighs, buttocks, inner knees, upper arms and male breasts.

Fat Cavitation along with skin tightening using radio-frequency is a brilliant way to eliminate fat and unsightly cellulite whilst tightening the skin. We strongly recommend: 

  • Light exercise, such as brisk walking, after each session to help the body eliminate fat cells faster.
  • Drinking plenty of water two hours prior to treatment and again after treatment.
  • Incorporating a low-calorie diet in conjunction with the Fat Cavitation treatment for great results.

Best Results (Number of treatments)
Costs Starting From
Procedure Time 
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4 to 6
30 mins

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