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Dermal Fillers

dermal fillers

Inject new life into your troubled areas

Dermal Filler injections are generally used to add volume to troubled areas of the face. They add volume to areas such as the cheeks, forehead, lips, jawline and chin. The changes are subtle and effective.

We use Dermal Fillers to:

  • reduce wrinkles and facial folds
  • define the jawline
  • augment the chin and cheeks
  • reduce acne scars
  • reshape the nose
  • treat the tear trough area
  • reduce under eye dark circles
  • plump the lips
2 ml of filler (cheeks or jaw) – $700 (thick filler extra)
Lip filler – $420 per 1 ml or $300 per 1/2 ml
Tear Troughs – $440

Dermal Fillers are injected into the subdermis of your skin. The duration of the effect will vary from individual to individual depending on skin type, age and lifestyle.

Best Results (Number of treatments)
Costs Starting From
Procedure Time 
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$420 (per 1ml)
30 mins
Depends on patient

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